Wireless PA System: New Equipment

Wireless PA System

Soundbite has recently invested in a new wireless PA system that can be set up quickly and with no cables.

Soundbite has recently invested in a new PA system (Sennheiser LSP500) that operates wirelessly. It is powered by a rechargeable battery pack so no mains leads are required. (You can have the option of running it from the mains) The battery will last for up to 8 hours continues use.

In addition the system allows up to 3 microphones to be used. Again no cables are required to go between the microphones and the speakers as they are radio microphones. These microphones can include, tie clip, hand held, headset and wireless lectern microphone. If you are running a presentation from a laptop with sound or want to play music from a smart phone, the speakers can also connect to those devices via Bluetooth.

You can typically have any number of wireless speakers at your event. As long as they are within around 50m of each other. They can also be used outdoors and include rain protectors. Another great feature of these speakers is the microphone levels can be controlled via a smartphone app.

The benefits of a Wireless PA System

The benefits of a wireless PA system is simply the speed and ease which it can be set up plus the added benefit of having no untidy cables running to them or gaffer taped to the sides of the room. Often running in cables and tidying them can be very time consuming. External amplifiers and microphone mixing desks also create clutter and can be complex to control.

Scenarios where a PA system that is wireless has a huge benefit:

  • Conferences and meetings where you only require 3 microphones. For example 1 wireless lectern microphone and 2 hand held microphones for Q&A.
  • Quick pre dinner speech presentations in a restaurant. Restaurants are a nightmare for running in cables to speakers!
  • Company town hall meetings that are held in open plan offices. It allows minimal disruption setting up while people are working.
  • Outdoor events where you require a PA syetem for speech and a bit of music where there is no power.
  • Wedding reception speech PA system. Even more ideal for marquees
  • Shopping centre exhibitions and presentations.
  • Also part of a larger AV set up where there is a part of a room that requires a little more audio coverage, an overflow room or lobby that requires sound from the main room.

Cost effective

As the system is very quick to set up and has minimal equipment, it means transport and crew costs are kept to a minimum.

Wireless PA system vs conventional PA system set up:

More details:

For more details about the Sennheiser LSP 500 click here.

Soundbite Productions offers wireless PA systems for conferences and events. Click here to contact us. We would love to talk.

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