Event Production

From the glamour of your international awards ceremony, through to the finer details of your corporate conference, we are passionate about designing and delivering memorable events through the technical provision of audio visual services. We work regularly in central London on many major award ceremonies, in the home counties with prestigious school celebrations, and in our local communities on a number of important regional events.

Our most important service is ensuring we create your end vision and meet your expectations, and we do this through using the most modern, technically efficient, and visually pleasing equipment, operating and installed by experienced personnel.

Our team of expert audio visual technicians has the experience to ensure the perfect delivery of your next event, working alongisde you to ensure seamless implementation and fine tuning of every last detail.

Trust Soundbite Productions to provide the technology for your event including:

Skilled and professional technicians

Detailed planning

Audio Visual Equipment


Lighting Systems

Sound Equipment

Stage set backdrops



Audience voting systems and interactive systems

Internet web streaming

Video production


The art of conferences is predominantly to communicate effectively with your attendees, either for an internal more intimate conference or for larger events, possibly with external delegates. Regardless of the size, the message needs to be delivered in a manner in which the delegates leave remembering the message weeks later. This is where Soundbite expertise and experence comes in to it.

It is vital that you have full confidence that the audio visual technology works reliably and seamlessly and does not become that memorable distraction and you come away having experience a stress free satisfying event.

We will always look at the big picture and look what you want to achieve with your conference. Trust us to focus on all the technical detail and provide you with the best and most suitable equipment for your conference to work perfectly and seamlessly.  Our experience prevents issues arising before they happen and we have the resources to deal with the unexpected.  We will ensure that you have the correct audio visual technology and more than adequate support for your conference to just happen.

Road Shows

Nothing is more effective than delivering a message or presentation face to face rather than through the use of internet platforms such as live webinars or online videos. Soundbite Productions has many years of experience providing audio visual equipment for roadshows enabling companies to take their conferences and events where needed, locally or internationally.

Consistency and reliability is key to delivering your audio visual technology at your roadshows. Soundbite Productions provide professional and reliable staff who will understand your event and requirements and will provide technology you can trust and have confidence in. All of your audio visual requirements you can trust us with and have the confidence in knowing we can deliver an exceptional event wherever it is required.


Awards ceremonies are key events for companies to promote themselves, inspire, motivate staff and celebrate success. Their key objective is to make people feel special and just to have a party and memorable evening.

Soundbite Productions will support your company to create an unforgettable ceremony, delivered seamlessly and reliably, allowing you to enjoy your event unfold.

We will work with you and your level of budget to provide the correct AV solution for your awards ceremony. It may require a simple audio system for a professionals dinner evening, staging and some lighting around the room. Or for those larger events  you may require dynamic mobile lights, large video screens, impactful music and sound and stage sets.

Trust Soundbite Productions to deliver the perfect AV solution that conveys the right image for your company. We will support you at every stage.

Outdoor Events

From festivals, fireworks events, outdoor concerts, community events we have endured challenging work environments in green fields, indoor arenas, and many exclusive city venues. We have a unique ability to adopt a truly flexible approach to delivering sound, vision and lighting systems for your event.

Working with our trusted network of experienced sound and lighting engineers and partners, we have the capability to truly outperform in a live event environment. With experience of sound, lighting and vision, we can bring together many different technologies to meet specific deadlines and budgets.

Speech Days & Graduation Events

A graduation ceremony or a School speech day is the unique time to celebrate pupils achievements. It is vital this unique and one time event (for many) creates a memorable experience for all those who attend and the event truly reflects the achievements of the school, college or university. It is therefore vital the audio visual equipment and staging is both reliable and seamless but adds to the prestigiousness of the event.


Meetings such as town hall meetings create a unique space for companies to communicate where they are at, plans and strategies for the future. They need to deliver clear communication to their delegates and give opportunity for engagement and feedback.

Press Conferences

Press conferences can be frantic events, often arranged at short notice and if something goes wrong people will know about it rather than about what is being announced. The reliability does not stop at what is being seen or heard in the room itself. It is vital that clear and reliable sound and video feeds are given to the assembled TV/Radio press or streamed over the internet.