Projector & TV screens: What size do I need?

A common question we are asked and always ask ourselves on site visits is: What size projector or TV screens do I need for a conference, meeting or event?

Projector and TV Screens come in many different shapes and sizes. Too small then people at the back may struggle to see the content and too large it could be overpowering, take up too much space or not fit into the venue.

To find out the ideal screen size, we have a very simple formula that will help:
The distance from the screen to the furthest delegate should be 10 times the height of the screen

When I mean the height of the screen I am talking about the height of the displayed area of the screen. Not the height from the floor.

For example:
You have a venue and the back row is about 60ft (18 meters) from the stage, then you should look to get a screen where the viewable area height is at least 6ft (1.8m).

The above is based on average detailed powerpoint presentations. If your content is mainly video, pictures or large text (i.e. award events) you could get away with the furthest delegate being 12 to 14 times the distance of the height of the screen.

What about the width of the screen?

Screens these days are wide screen (16:9 – Like the shape of your TV screen in your house). So a screen where the viewable height is 6ft would give you a width of 10.6ft. (Using the ratio of 16:9)

A further tip to  help you make sure your presentations you are writing is large enough (i.e. the font size, picture size), run your presentation full screen on your computer/laptop and move yourself back the distance of 10 times the height of your screen. If you can read your powerpoint content from your screen at that distance then it will be fine at your venue. That is of course if we are basing our screen size in the venue on the above formula.

Another important factor to consider is your ceiling height in your venue:

It is important that the screen is high enough for everybody in the room to clearly see the full screen. This includes delegates sitting at the back being able to see the bottom of the screen. Many venues have low ceiling heights so you could end up requiring a screen that is 10ft high but because of the ceiling height the bottom of the screen is almost on the floor. That is no good even for those on the 3rd row!

In this senecio we would then recommend a number of smaller screens positioned around the room. For example TV screens on stands as relay screens are ideal.

Soundbite Productions provides a variety of audio visual equipment for conferences and events including projector screens and TV screens. For further details about how we can support you do contact us.

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