The Issue

As one of the biggest charity Firework displays in the country, Winchester Fireworks was suffering due to a growing event whilst still using outdated equipment that wasn’t suited to the job.

With a growing audience to this 60 year-old event, the old horn speakers that were being used were no longer enough for the 21,000 capacity event to hear any of the output, and the numbers meant that a better focus on communicating health and safety messages to the crowds is even more important.


What We Did

The team at Soundbite Productions used software to plot the simulation of the speaker layout and sound levels to ensure audience coverage to acceptable sound levels all over the fields.
We installed three towers of line array systems, high above people’s heads in order to project far into the crowd and used small speakers to fill in the gaps and up front. Working with the organisers, we take our power from dedicated generators and use wireless RF links to avoid excess cabling.


What were the Results?

The upbeat atmosphere of background music, and adding fireworks set to music has transformed the event into a huge success with a sell out crowd year after year, making significantly more funds for local charities and has enabled extra revenue streams for advertising.