Each year we provide audio visual support for Kings High School and Warwick Schools speech days. These take at the end of the summer team to celebrate the end of an academic and give our prizes to the pupils before schools out for the summer break!

The events take place in one of the school sports halls. The hall is lined out with draping, carpet and seating. But due to the size it requires a quality audio sound system for the speeches and various music performances.

The music performances all required amplification so all instruments and performers could be heard clearly throughout the hall.

As there were so many difference music groups, singers and bands we needed to have maximum flexibility in our set up. Band and musician specifications were not available in advance and changed last min so it was important we could set up microphones in as short time as possible as there was very little time for the pupils to sound check during their practice session.

To make things very quick and seamless most of the microphones we provided were wireless so we could very quickly place them on a stand exactly where they were required without the hassle of trailing cables. We were able to float mic groups of instruments and performers and individuals.

The sound mixing desk was up on a balcony but to make setting up microphones easier we were able to operate the sound desk remotely via an IPAD. This made setting up and checking microphones much quicker and it also meant we could communicate with the performers standing next to them rather than shouting from the back!

Combined with using very high end audio systems (d&b audiotechnik) at the front end, the audio reinforcement was seamless and took minimum effort and time from musicians, performers and our sound team to enable all the performances, performers and presenters to be clearly heard.

We also included HD LED screens for powerpoint presentations and videos plus staging and lighting for the event.