Boy bands announcing their next tour have always been a major news event in the world of popular music, and Soundbite Productions were pleased to provided the press conference facilities for One Direction’s ‘Where We Are’ tour in 2014.

Taking place inside Wembley Stadium, we provided microphones for each of the band members, a PA system for those lucky enough to be inside the room (including journalists from all major TV, radio and newspaper outlets), and hand held microphones for those asking questions.

One of the more complex tasks is providing audio feeds for the press to connect their cameras and recorders to, so they can record and broadcast the sound from the band members microphones.

Furthermore, we provided the stage lighting and LED screens that provided entertainment and information to the gathered press.

One Direction are just the latest in a number of musical acts that we have been lucky enough to work alongside, where the focus of the world really is on our work.