Soundbite has been the audio visual supplier for the Food and Drink Innovation Network conferences in London for the last 10 years.

Eight times a year, 100 delegates from the forefront of the food and drink industry get together in London as part of the Food and Drink Innovation Network.

We provide supporting audio visual production comprising of a PA system with radio and lectern microphones, and visual presentation using their in-house projection and additional plasma relay screens to ensure the audience is fully engaged.

Each event has 8 presentations who all provide their own laptop and Powerpoint-style file with videos. Our technicians provide support to adjust their presentations, and to ensure that no matter the connection type – VGA/HDMI/Apple Lightning Connector – the videos will always work and play. Seamlessly.

We have worked with the Food and Drink Innovation Network for over 10 years every other month, and continue to receive regular feedback that shows how a technically smooth and trouble-free can really enhance the event.

What do you want to be remembered for? The content of what you say, or the trouble connecting the projector?