Audience Response Systems

We’ve all attended an event or conference that had us switching off, bored out of our minds. At Soundbite Productions, we know that this can be easily avoided. A conference or event needs to be engaging and one of the best ways to do this is to make it interactive. That way, the audience members feel like they are a part of the action.

Conferences and events these days are about more than just giving information from the front. To be considered memorable and successful, it’s more important than ever that delegates are given the opportunity to have their voice heard. No one enjoys being “talked at”; we all want to have a conversation.

Soundbite Productions ensures that this happens with our effective audience interactive technology. This includes simple voting handsets and event app solutions, not only for your audience in the room but also for those joining the conference or event remotely.

These technologies allow everyone to interact and have a voice. It makes the attendees a vital part of the event as well as keeping them focused and engaged.

It’s a simple way to ensure the very best experience for your delegates.

Voting Keypads

Our audience response system keypads allow you to display live feedback from your audience showing their opinions and knowledge during your event. Immediate feedback allows you to maximise your conference and gain a deeper understanding of your audience.

Our voting keypads are simple to use. They do not require any setup or configuring by the user and do not require venue wifi or cellular internet connections. This offers maximum participation and reliability so your event can run smoothly and professionally.

Display a multiple choice question on screen.

Users respond using their voting keypads

Results of how users voted are instantly displayed on screen and saved for later analysis.

Interactive App

An app can take your interaction to another level. It allows delegates to use their own internet enabled device (such as a smartphone) to respond to polling questions. But unlike voting keypads, delegates can also send questions to the presenter and answer surveys in more detail. They also allow delegates attending remotely to get involved.

This ensures that every person attending has a voice. There’s no fear for delegates about putting up their hand to ask a question or getting involved in a discussion. They can simply use their smartphone and play an important role in the event.

Live Polling - Display a multiple choice question for users to answer.

Surveys - Post surveys for users to answer in their own time.

Q&A - Text questions to the presenter

Easy to access - Users type in a simple URL on their device to access the app.

Branding - Include company logos and colour scheme.